The warm and mellow sound of do-it-yourself production shines through on The Land’s debut album. Recording in Judith and Simon’s living room to a ca. 1980s cassette 4-track recorder forced a minimalist approach: the focus is vocal harmonies, supported by pared-down spacey instrumentation (combining guitars, viola, violin, glockenspiel, synthesizer, banjo, and mandolin). The CD was manufactured by the most environmentally friendly company on the planet.

Track listing:

    1. Even though [hear]
    2. Flying home [hear]
    3. I wanna wear you in
    4. Don Quixote
    5. Path through the forest
    6. Green eyes
    7. I live near the ocean
    8. I believe
    9. Times Square [hear]
    10. Growing wings [hear]
    11. Track #11
    12. Gethsemane
    13. I wrote your name